AI at the edge of the Edge.
An Invulnerable Privacy Solution.

Aerendir® is the pioneer developer of a novel physiologic biometric
authentication technology.
Aerendir Global Technologies™ is our contact point for the EU.

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Our Unique Technology

MEMs sensors are key components in modern smartphones and tablets used to count steps for health applications or detect screen orientation. Due to their high sensitivity and precision, Aerendir® uses MEMs sensors to translate neural activity, eliminating the need for complex equipment.


Aerendir® develops an AI
technology that gives learning
capabilities to the edge of the Edge.
We provide high-end generic AI
to low-end chips.


Our Touch Technology® can recognize
a human with 80-90% accuracy.


To protect users against
hacking and data breaches,
no data are stored, exchanged,
or computed across the Internet.


NeuroPrint® extracts a unique
neuro-proprioceptive signal from
micro-vibrational patterns in the user’s
hands to identify and authenticate.

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Totally Unique

We offer a service called Touch Technology® that collects live data from the nearly invisible micro-vibrations found in the user's hand. Our liveness detection service, A-Live®, is built into our technology and works in the background to continuously authenticate during the user's session. This mechanism truly imitates our human sense of touch, which is also based on biological vibration sensors embedded under our skin. Our code is ready for embedding as tailor-made business-to-business products for the purpose of authentication, identification, encryption and anti-bot solutions. Our unique NeuroPrint® technology and product applications are among the most disruptive in today's market.

Touch Technology® does not require any additional costly hardware. Aerendir® provides code that can be embedded at any level of integration, from binary software libraries to ASIC and SOC.



Aerendir, It's You® is user-centric, distributed to the end user's device, and does not require cloud connectivity or centralized databases. This means systemic data loss is not possible. Neural patterns allow for a strong self-encryption, as our brain generates a stable and unique password that is close to one million characters long. Compared to tens or hundreds of character passwords or security tokens, NeuroPrint® technology will never be cracked by brute force with any existing or near term future technologies. NeuroPrint® combines both authentication and super strong encryption to offer users an industry agnostic solution.



Touch Technology® requires a live person to be present at the time of usage. No file can be played back. No file can even be generated, which imitates a person. The NeuroPrint® cannot be stolen from a user’s hand because it represents the association of a given hand with a given device.

Touch Technology® can safely and effectively recognize if the signal is generated by a human or a bot. Capturing live signals from the individual’s unique NeuroPrint® means that there will be a new standard for data privacy and Identity Assurance across the Internet.


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Aerendir Global Technologies™ (also known as Aerendir Global™) is actively searching for partnerships worldwide.

Aerendir® is a technology company and Aerendir Global Technologies™ is one of its subsidiaries.

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