Aerendir The Mist Company, a Brain scan from your Hand® is the pioneer of a novel physiologic technology for authentication, identification, and encryption.

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Aerendir The Mist Company, a Brain scan from your Hand® offers a high-end AI-powered authentication, identification, and encryption platform. We have numerous products at the gate reading for embedding as business-to-business solutions under the umbrella Aerendir The Mist Company, a Brain scan from your Hand®. Among the first two products available are a foolproof authenticator and a neural anti AI-bot. Aerendir The Mist Company, a Brain scan from your Hand® also provides services such as Access for Local Authentication, Encryption, Respectful Web Tools, Secure Data Routing, and AI on Chips. Our products use our patented NeuroPrint® (NP®) technology to extract a unique proprioceptive signal from micro-vibrational patterns in the user’s hands, using the accelerometers and gyroscopes that are standard in today’s mobile devices. The NeuroPrint® uses these signals to generate personal signatures to encrypt our data or segregate humans from bots (and AI-based bots), paving the way to a pipeline of product applications. Please contact us for more information!


is a privately held company headquartered in Mountain View, California with offices located in Luxemburg, Europe.

Founded in 2015 by neurophysiologist Martin Zizi and finance veteran Pierfranceso Pozzi Rocco, Aerendir™ was built on the basis that a live physiologic signal is an intrinsic solution to the numerous problems that will arise from the growing number of connected devices in the Internet of Things (IoT). We believe the only way to successfully scale the IoT is to transition from the Cloud to the Mist Cloud Server Authentication®. The Mist Cloud Server Authentication® — made up of tiny droplets of secure 'water' — incorporates the computing power of the Cloud with edge devices allowing for a shielded user-centric bubble of connected objects (see figure). This is the edge of the Edge.


The Mist Cloud Server Authentication®

Our Mission

Our mission is to give everyone the fundamental right to privacy as technology shapes a new generation.

, we conceptualize this mission as building the First Amendment Right into the code of the Internet. We all want to keep our communications away from prying eyes. Not because we have something to hide, but because every individual has the right to decide when and who has access to their personal and professional data. Our company creates this choice.

In relationships, whether personal, professional, governmental, or commercial, we depend on trusting the other party. Breaches of confidentiality are breaches of relational trust. In professional relationships with doctors and lawyers, this trust is key to maintaining candor in the relationship. Likewise, we trust other people we interact with, as well as the companies we do business with. When trust is breached in one relationship, that can make us more reluctant to trust in other relationships.


The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data. More data sharing may threaten privacy. We are all using centralized AI as a way to improve businesses by delivering faster goods and services, while optimizing cost and user experience. In a world where we feed centralized AI with all the data humankind generates, what would prevent a know-it-all AI from using our biometric information to impersonate us across the IoT? Nothing. This is how physiology becomes the key to the connected world, as it represents the last frontier between humans and machines.

Our solutions are built with the future in mind, recognizing the vital role blockchain will have in the years to come. We develop tools that make the Internet real again without compromising security. Welcome to your own safety bubble for the digital world, welcome to the Mist Cloud Server Authentication®.