Good Vibrations Coffee Mug

Customize a mug with your own hand vibration waveform!

Personalize in just a few seconds!

Now available exclusively to Android phones and tablets.

Step 1

To begin personalizing a mug, scroll to the bottom of this page and press the “Create my personal mug” button after reading these instructions.

Step 2

After navigating to the next page, you will notice a graphic, along with an option to "Enter your custom text". If you want your mug to have custom phrasing (i.e. your name), please enter your text (up to 23 total characters) in the text box. Adding custom text to your mug is optional.

Step 3

When ready, press the “Start” button. After the “Start” button is pressed, your hand vibration waveform will be generated live on the graphic! This process will take about 15 seconds. Hold the device in a natural position until the read-out is completed. Please note that the size of the waveform corresponds with the percieved movement of the device (if you suddenly move your device, a spike will be created in the waveform).

Step 4

If you like the waveform you created, press the “Submit” button to submit your custom design and purchase your mug. You will be automatically redirected to the secure Shopify check-out page to purchase your customized mug. If you would like to re-do your design instead, press the "Reset" button to clear your previous design, and press the "Start" button to start recording a new 15 second reading again.

What will my mug look like?

Preview a sample mug below:

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Mug Details

  • 15 oz - 4.75" (H) x 3.5" (W)
  • Premium ceramic construction
  • 360 degree wraparound artwork
  • Large handles for easy gripping
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Can be used for hot or cold beverages.