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A radically safe way to use the IoT

Our Novel B2B Biometric Solution

It's everything you need to keep your users secure.

FIDO Enabled

Information beamed out of the device is stored as a token or hash, and fully protected against man-in-the-middle attack by the FIDO protocol.

Best in-class FPR

Our technology’s false positive ratio (FPR) is constantly improving — our current figures range between 0.003% and 0.01%. True positive ratio ranges between 85-95%. This gives our product a total accuracy of 99.2%.

Effective and Safe

With near-perfect statistics, system breaches are impossible.

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A mobile-based identity and authentication solution that enhances online safety. Applicable anywhere a user needs to be recognized, identified, or sign a document. We offer these competitive advantages...

  • Uniqueness is the key characteristic of any reliable biometric identifier. We capture data from the anatomy of the brain and muscles that is influenced by an individual's life experiences and circumstances.

  • Anti-spoofing is an emerging industry standard. Our solution has liveness detection built-in because it requires an individual to interact with a device to capture the live human signal.

  • Strong encryption comes as an integral part of our offering. The human brain generates a stable and unique password that is close to one million characters long.

  • Privacy is a priority. We ensure no Personally Identifiable Information is stored in a centralized database that can be breached.

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