Protected Trust Certificates - A-Cert®

Merge Your Neuroprint® with Digital Certificates to ensure security and safety.

A secure, trusted, contactless, and keyless entry mechanism with your mobile device.

A-Cert® merges digital Certificates (a chain of Trust), Biometrics, and Intent (an act like accessing a facility or buying a ticket) to ensure a trusted confirmation of an individual's identity.

Local and Cloudless

No interaction required to and from the cloud or a database.

Bound with Biometrics

Bind your biometric signature with a dedicated trust certificate for protection and security.

Optional Privacy

The user can control if and when they go incognito.

Curious about our A-Cert® Service?

Learn more about A-Cert® in the webinar VOD below.

About the webinar: Aerendir Mobile Inc. hosted a webinar on Wednesday, October 21st, 2020, at 9 a.m. PT called Trusted and Contactless Products for the Future IoT.

Aerendir's former Chief Scientific Officer, Doron Drusinsky, was the original architect behind A-Cert® technology and will be one of five speakers presenting during the webinar. The remaining speakers include Martin Zizi (Aerendir's CEO), Eric Durnell (Aerendir's Social Research & Outreach Analyst), Nick Sullivan (Aerendir's former Head Machine Learning Engineer), and Michael Ruiz (Aerendir's former Algorithmics & Embedded Engineer).

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A-Cert® merges digital Certificates, Biometrics and Intent to result in a trusted confirmation of an individual's identity that can either be anonymized or made known. We offer these competitive advantages...

  • Assurance and Integrity for the service provider that the correct person and the correct device are connecting to the session.

  • Optional Privacy as the user can choose whether to anonymize their identity or make their identity known depending on the use case.

  • Total Security with a biometric "2-Plus Factor Authentication" method and a trusted identity which renders SIM-swapping useless.

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