Liveness/Anti AI-bot - Touch Technology®

The power of Neurophysiology provides liveness detection and bot segregation

Aerendir Global Technologies™, also referred to as Aerendir Global™

Segregate Humans From Bots
Even When the Bots are AI-driven

No matter how clever, AI will never have a heartbeat or a brain-beat.

We Use a Live Signal

Being alive is a crucial difference between software
agents and us.

No Need For Training

An anonymous human touch is all it takes.

Complexity Protects Us

Nervous system complexity and the way we use it cannot be imitated even by training.

Download Available On-Demand

A-Live™ can determine a live being's presence. Touch Technology® legitimizes human traffic online. We offer these competitive advantages...

  • Frictionless experience for the user. A-Live™ and Touch Technology® run continuously in the background.

  • Built-in Liveliness to deter non-human activity. Touch Technology® uses a live physiological signal to separate humans from bots.

  • Unmatched accuracy to overcome sophisticated bots. Our Touch Technology® can recognize a human with 80-90% accuracy.

  • Plug-and-play solution for any Internet application. Our technology does not need user-specific training and can be applied across services.

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Aerendir Global Technologies™, also referred to as Aerendir Global™