Preventative spamming by a unique human liveness detection that cannot be spoofed by AI bots.


“With Aerendir's technology you are not the product.”

Dr. Martin Zizi

CEO Aerendir®


The IoT and Artificial Intelligence infrastructure have to serve humans, not the opposite. Being able to segregate bots from human has always been a necessity and a market across the Internet.

In a world where all of our personal information is available online, what would prevent an AI-bot to impersonate any of us across blockchain? Nothing. However, no matter how well-coded, AI will never be alive. It will never have a heart beat; it will never have a brain beat. Aerendir® captures neural activity to segregate humans from bots and even from AI-bots.

We all know CAPTCHA. Shortly after AI came into the picture, CAPTCHA was compromised because we fed CAPTCHA data to train AI for the sake of user experience. Now AI reads CAPTCHA better then humans do. The same thing happened with CAPTCHA2, and subsequently with face recognition.

Across the Internet, we humans need to be sure whether we have a human or bot on the other line. Our technology brings the second part of trust into the Trust Protocol of the Internet 3.0.

At this point, companies are training AI in natural writing and with emotional interfaces so that our online experiences are improved. While it makes for better usability and is a net positive, this feedback loop between human-generated data and AI training totally blurred the lines between bots and humans. It is a self-defeating strategy and contributes to deepfake technology that creates a manipulated reality that does not really exist.