E-commerce & M-commerce

Our technology is used for logins, authentication and the clearing of any e-commerce or m-commerce transaction.


“With Aerendir's technology you are not the product.”

Dr. Martin Zizi

CEO Aerendir

E-commerce & M-commerce

Who doesn't like the convenience of E-Commerce and of M-Commerce? Streamlining E-Commerce and enhancing mobile experience is fundamental to business growth. Biometrically-verified transactions can simplify the customer interaction, but must remain compliant with the GPDR and by 2020, the California Consumer Privacy Act. Our technology uniquely maintains all customer biometric data local to their device, can supplement newer mobile devices by permitting a convenient second authentication factor, and never requires sharing any user identifiable biometric data.

Using our secure Cloud service enables any web page to use a certified FIDO server. No need for you to change anything, no need for you to become a FIDO expert, or waste precious time and money to build your own system. With Aerendir®, there is no fear of losing your business to large companies. Your business is none of our business. We support you; we do not replace you.

Our core security features maximizes convenience by eliminating customer keystrokes, verification sequences, and stored passwords. Replacing them with something so simple and natural — holding the mobile device. Our technology is user-centric, distributed to the end-user device, and does not require cloud connectivity or centralized databases. Thus, systemic data loss is not possible. Neural patterns allow for a strong self-encryption, as our brain generates a stable and unique password that is close to one million characters long. Compared to tens or hundreds of character passwords or security tokens, NeuroPrint® gives users a solution that will never be cracked by brute force with any existing or near-term future technologies. NeuroPrint® combines both authentication and super strong encryption to offer users an industry agnostic solution. Please contact us for more information!

FIDO standards are designed to provide a simpler and highly secure login, user authentication, and end-to-end security. By blocking any possible hijacking or diversion of identity tokens, token re-use, and various man-in-the-middle attacks, FIDO provides state of the art IoT security, without the risk of proprietary solutions.

Our technology can streamline customer login, authentication, and processing procedures, while its industry-standard FIDO implementation ensures state-of-the-art security. For the simplest of interactions, our Anti-bot mobile solution eliminates easily bypassed and frustrating CAPTCHA processes.