Smartphone & Portable Devices

Our technology can be used as single-factor authentication or paired with an existing authentication method.


“With Aerendir's technology you are not the product.”

Dr. Martin Zizi

CEO Aerendir

Smartphone & Portable Devices

Did you know that on average we unlock our mobile device 80 times a day?

Aerendir, It's You® has many applications: user authentication, document signing, online purchases of goods and services, or mobile data encryption within a Neurosafe®.

NeuroPrint® works on mobile devices because they use the built-in Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems(MEMS) sensors. These sensors are inexpensive to make, extremely sensitive, and come standard in nearly every smartphone produced after 2012. Our patented technology uses these sensors to collect complex neural data, and compute a secure Neurocrypt®.

Imagine your device maintaining full security even after you unlock it and hand it to someone else.

With Neurocrypt® and locally processed AI, Aerendir, It's You® has made it possible for any mobile device to become your personal key, setting a new standard for Identity Assurance.