Banking & Payment Companies

Finance is one of the most vulnerable markets, our technology accommodates all types of digital banking and financing operations.


“With Aerendir's technology you are not the product.”

Dr. Martin Zizi

CEO Aerendir

Banking & Payment Companies

According to the Federal Reserve, more than 120 billion electronic credit and debit card payments are processed annually, with more than $80 trillion transferred. Did you know that 7% is lost to fraud?

Imagine having a modified chip card in your wallet: you touch it for a fraction of a second and it’s instantly activated, ready to be viewed, swiped, or inserted in a terminal. If it is cloned, stolen, or was not in the correct user’s hand, then it is a useless ‘dead brick.’

In a world where your body is your stable password, your mobile app becomes a secure tool. Industry standard FIDO security ensures that only a cryptographic token traverses the network, keeping all personal data local on your device.

Professional interbanking transfers? You will have your professional key and signing power with all the needed traceability.

The applications range from mobile apps to e-wallets that can adapt to hardware like touchpads. Frictionless Identity Assurance will benefit everyone not only because it is secure, but because it will decrease costs.