IoT ASIC & Chip Cards

An ideal bridge to cover the legacy chip cards while moving to virtual payments. It can provide AI at the Edge, whether it is to provide ID or any other generic learning capability.


“With Aerendir's technology you are not the product.”

Dr. Martin Zizi

CEO Aerendir

IoT ASIC & Chip Cards

Aerendir built technology to enable business-to-business partners and solutions.

AI at the edge of the Edge. This will unleash many new possibilities limited only by the imagination of the engineering team. Imagine a generic learning capability for only a few cents? No need for fancy and costly Graphic Processing Units (GPU) or Neural Processing Units (NPU).

Our products can function on devices as a standalone or embedded C libraries. They can also be embedded in the operating system of mobile devices or non-mobile device, with minor and cheap adaptations.

Aerendir technology is making use of cheap sensors and Vector Processing Units (VPU). This type of hardware is not only cheap, but very small making it physically possible in a large variety of 'devices' like Common Access Cards (CAC).

They can be ported as dedicated firmware or even being brought into Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC). Aerendir is probably the only AI that can function at high performances at all level of embedding from high-end to very low-end and cheap silicon chips.